Karkass, the dead Turtleosaurus

Last week-end, for the Global Game Jam, I went to a jam location at Nancy with some of my friends. We managed to make a cool game with CraftStudio (yeah, Elisee was in the group ^^), and it got the first rank there ! Here is the official GGJ game[...]

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New apps !

During my work at Anamnesia I’ve also developed three apps for a space exposition at the PACS. All the apps were done with Unity. Check out the portfolio page !

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3D head tracking

During my work at Anamnesia I helped to make an application that aims to show the visitors of the Aubette’s Museum of Strasbourg what was the billiard’s room looking like in 1928. The development was made with Unity and the final installation is composed of two video projectors generating a[...]

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